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January 2013

Children's Complementary Therapy Network Conference

The 6th Children's Complementary Therapy Network (CCTN) Conference will take place May 18, 2013 at the Birmingham Children's Hospital in the United Kingdom.

This conference will bring together a range of professionals interested in learning about and advancing the field of complementary therapies and integrated medicine for children. Presentations on pediatric complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) will be complemented with interactive workshops to enhance delegates' skills and knowledge. Delegates will include complementary therapists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, OTs, researchers, teachers, service developers and others.

The Children's Complementary Therapy Network has an international membership. It provides a common platform for conventional and complementary therapy professionals to share training, education and clinical practice in the use of complementary therapies for children. Membership of the CCTN is free.

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