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January 2013

Some Diets May Cause Depression Symptoms

A new study suggests that frequent consumption of certain foods may be associated with depression symptoms.

The recent study was part of the GAZEL cohort, which studied the health and lifestyle of employees in France's national Gas and Electricity Company. The study population included 9,272 men and 3,132 women between 45 and 60 years-old. Participants filled out food questionnaires for 17 years. Participants also completed a survey on symptoms of depression. Overall, about one sixth to one fifth of individuals displayed depressive symptoms over time.

Researchers divided the participants' diets into different eating patterns, as well as how often these eating patterns were practiced. Men who most frequently consumed a western diet, fat-sweet diet or practiced high snacking were more likely to have depression symptoms. Women who most frequently consumed a low fat diet or practiced high snacking were more likely to have depression symptoms.

A traditional diet, defined as high fruit and fish intake and regular meal intervals, was linked to a lower probability of depression symptoms.

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