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December 2012

High Protein Diet May Enhance Weight Loss

According to new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a high-protein, low-fat diet may be optimal for losing weight.

The researchers identified 24 previous studies with a total of 1063 adult participants. In each study, the participants consumed the same number of calories, but with differing protein levels. The average length of the diet was 12 weeks.

The researchers compared weight loss in individuals on a high protein diet against individuals on a low protein diet. Data analysis showed that a high-protein diet resulted in more weight and fat loss, as well as reduced fat levels in the blood. Cholesterol and blood pressure were not significantly different between the low-protein and high-protein diets.

Experts have found potential long-term health risks associated with a high-protein diet, including type 2 diabetes and kidney problems. The safety and long-term effectiveness of a high-protein diet is a subject of debate in the medical community.

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