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November 2012

Journal of Dietary Supplements: New Issue

The latest issue of the Journal of Dietary Supplements (JDS) is now available online. The international, peer-reviewed journal aims to help consumers and clinicians make informed decisions about the preparations, foods and botanicals that are used to improve health.

The new issue features several original scientific papers, as well as a Natural Standard's evidence-based systematic review on Vitamin A:

Aqueous Extract of Dried Fruit of Berberis vulgaris L. in Acne vulgaris, a Clinical Trial by Rohollah F. Fouladi

The Effect of Garlic Tablet on Pro-inflammatory Cytokines in Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Women: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial by Hassan Mozaffari-Khosravi, Hamideh-al-Sadat Hesabgar, Mohammad-Bagher Owlia, Hossein Hadinedoushan, Kazem Barzegar and Mohammad Hossein Fllahzadeh

Mondia whitei, a Medicinal Plant from Africa with Aphrodisiac and Antidepressant Properties: A Review by Hellen A. Oketch-Rabah

Interaction of Different Extracts of Primula heterochroma Stapf. with Red Blood Cell Membrane Lipids and Proteins: Antioxidant and Antihemolytic Effects by Seyed Mohammad Nabavi, Seyed Fazel Nabavi, William N. Setzer, Heshmatollah Alinezhad, Mahboobeh Zare and Alireza Naqinezhad

Potential Toxicity of Caffeine When Used as a Dietary Supplement for Weight Loss by Morgan Pendleton, Stacy Brown, Christan Thomas and Brian Odle

An Evidence-Based Systematic Review of Vitamin A by Natural Standard Research Collaboration

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