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November 2012

Natural Standard Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Natural Standard wishes all a happy Thanksgiving with several healthy recipes as alternatives to traditionally high calorie dishes.

Herb-rubbed turkey au jus: This low sodium, heart healthy turkey recipe uses honey and apple juice to make a delicious au jus, a healthy alternative to traditional gravy.

Wild rice stuffing: Unlike traditional stuffing, this heart healthy recipe is low in fat, calories and cholesterol. The easy preparation features apples, cranberries, almonds and mushrooms, and may be stuffed in a turkey or served as a side.

Mashed cauliflower: This mashed cauliflower recipe is a delicious and healthy alternative traditionally high calorie, high carb mashed potatoes.

Orange scented green beans with toasted almonds: Try this low calorie alternative to traditionally high fat green bean casserole. This easy recipe features just a few basic ingredients, and can be cooked in 15 minutes, start to finish.

Turkey gravy: Sage and thyme give this gravy recipe flavor without adding sodium, and skim milk keeps the fat content low.

Apple crisp: Rather than a traditionally high fat apple pie, try this low calorie, low cholesterol crisp. This easy recipe takes only 15 minutes to prepare.

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