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September 2013

Osteopathic Cranial Academy: The Next Step: Advancing Your Skills In Osteopathy in the Cranial Field - Portland, OR: 9/20-23

Facility: Doubletree Portland Hotel.

Address: 1000 N.E. Multnomah, Portland, Oregon 97232.

CME Hours Anticipated: Category 1-A, 22 (Pending the approval of the AOA Council on Continuing Medical Education).

Prerequisites: Successful completion of one Osteopathic Cranial Academy Approved 40-hour Introductory (Basic) Course.

Specialty: Family Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, Osteopathy.

Program Chair: Paul E. Dart, MD, FCA.

Description: This course is designed as a sequel to the Introductory Course, to provide students of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field with the additional tools that they need to put together an effective treatment of the patient as a whole.

In the Introductory Course, participants learned fundamental techniques for diagnosis and treatment. But how do experienced practitioners put these fundamentals together into a unified treatment of the entire patient?

Some of the senior faculty have taken their own answers to this question and put them together to create "The Next Step". In this course, the senior faculty will share perspectives and insights on how they approach the process of treatment.

Registration Fee: $900.00 (members by Aug. 20, 2013) $950.00 (members after Aug. 20, 2013) $950.00 (non-members).

Contact Information: Jennifer Southworth, 3535 E. 96th St., Suite 101, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240. Primary Phone is 317-581-0411 and fax is 317-580-9299.

For registration and more information, please visit

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